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Mellow Movie Night #1 (Commuter Movies)

April 28, 2009
7:00 pmto9:30 pm

Tuesday, April 28 – Mellow Movie Night #1 (Commuter Movies)
Location: Mellow Johnny’s
Time: 7pm-9:30pm

Description: this is the first of 5 cycling-related movies nights hosted by Mellow Johnny’s during Bike Month. First and foremost, movies about commuting. Join us for instructional videos and documentaries all about getting around town on two wheels. Snacks and drinks provided. While you are here, sign up for the Commuter Challenge!

Unyielding Cycle by Filmmaker Gina Szafraniec

“Unyielding Cycle is about four, year-round, bicycle commuters in Minnesota. I was inspired to tell their story after observing them pass through my neighborhood in every type of weather imaginable. The year I followed these four individuals was also a year of extremely high gas prices and an extremely long and cold winter. In addition to filming the commuters in the different seasons, I wanted the film to show how the bicycle commuters have the same distractions and obstacles that most people use as excuses for not being able to commute by bike. One individual has three kids, another is going to school and working full time, and another has a wife on disability and only one income. The year begins Summer 2007 and ends Summer 2008. The film focuses on why they commute and what they experience while commuting through the extreme seasons while giving a glimpse into their daily lives, decisions and personalities.”

more info at Mellow Johnny’s website


These guys can throw a party. Drinking and racing stationary bikes hooked up to a video screen – we are truely in the 21st century.

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