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Locking my bike in NYC

In the spirit of the Great Move of ‘09 and my plan to commute by bike in the big city, I have been looking about online for bike locking tips and, as can happen during intensive internet usage, I began to get a little freaked out and, well, obsessive.

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Far West Texas

Our campsite...

This weekend was amazing. It was more fun than i had imagined and was a great overview of everything i love and will miss of Texas. I wish i had more photos to share, but somewhere in the middle of the trip i was liberated (“no, don’t get the camera, come on”) from the overwhelming need to capture EVERYTHING we were doing. Although i didn’t always have my camera, I did manage to send out some tweets while i was still within range of cell towers.
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landscape architecture by Gustafson Porter

As I’ve randomly stumbled upon these various projects, I’ve become fascinated and inspired by what I see as a central theme of environmental (political and social, not just trees and flowers) knowledge, forward thinking and resourceful creativity. I’ve been encompassed by these ideas, especially considering the political and economic climate that seems to create a disconnect between ordinary people and the big picture.
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Living on Love

By Tasha Petty

Valentine Kiss
Original Photo by Tanya Chalkin

On September 15, 2008, when I was called into my boss’s office, I was shocked to think that in the midst of an economic downturn I would be receiving another promotion. The HR director was on the phone and a slip of paper was pushed across the desk at me detailing the $2342 I would be receiving for my…lay-off!

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note to self

I’m about to turn 27 years old. I don’t really know what that means or how grown up I’m supposed to feel or behave given the strange achievement of aging. I mean, shit. I suppose I should have a Masters Degree and my eye on a linear, defined career. For some reason that’s just not my path. But that’s not to say my aspirations wouldn’t blow your mind.

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