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I’m about to turn 27 years old. I don’t really know what that means or how grown up I’m supposed to feel or behave given the strange achievement of aging. I mean, shit. I suppose I should have a Masters Degree and my eye on a linear, defined career. For some reason that’s just not my path. But that’s not to say my aspirations wouldn’t blow your mind.

I guess I just took that “road less traveled” stuff to heart. After college and the big breakup I surrendered to an opportunity and an irresistible urge to see something new. The lure and temptation of “something new” is beyond any other palpable seduction. I needed to learn how to be emotionally independent and figured leaving my geographical comfort zone and throwing caution to the wind would quickly test my abilities and result in a sink or swim situation. Relocating to Austin has been a strange experiment, but Texas has a way of swallowing you up by means of its sheer size. I’ve found something here that feels right and have to trust that things will fall into place if I remain focused. I believe I’m growing in a positive direction. Everyday brings new challenges and choices. My awareness of that is undeniably enlightening.

What have I learned this year?

I should definitely check out the neighborhood more thoroughly before the next move.

I do not what to live with three roommates again until I am allowed to ground them.

Humility builds character. So many lessons are born of humility.

Don’t be a Scared E. Cat.

Dudes are just as emotionally fucked as chicks.

Music makes me happier than people do.

I have amazing friends & family. I’m blessed.

I’ve experienced a beautiful joy and freedom in wanderlust.

Everyone’s a critic. Trust yourself.

Guys with girlfriends have girlfriends. DUH.

I cannot continue to ignore my emotions. Process that shit.

Don’t ever give up. Giving up is for lazy shits. You’re better than that.

Austin makes for a great life, but never forget where you’re from. Rep your set.

It’s okay to trust people, but only idiots work for free. Don’t be a doormat.

I’m fucking badass and deserve ego boosts at least three times daily. Like meals.

Author: Jessica S

Category: real talk


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