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Music for Mondays

By Tasha Petty

1. Tunnelvision – Here we go Magic: Luke Temple doles out some melodic electro pop straight from his basement in Brooklyn. You can see him perform this year at SXSW!
2. Shed your Love – The Helio Sequence: Keep your Eyes Ahead is undoubtedly last years most overlooked album. This electo-tinged indie pop duo from Portland presents masterful, mesmerizing pieces. I caught their last song when they performed at the Mohawk and it was the most amazing two minutes of my year. I suggest getting this album and playing it on repeat while you make out with your girlfriend.
3. Nantes – Beirut: The now 23 year old Santa Fe native Zach Condon put out the trumpet and ukulele-heavy Balkan-inspired The Flying Cup Club in 2007. Revel away until his next release comes out later this year.
4. Carry Around – Annuals: These kids are from my home town Raleigh, NC! Aside from their geographical amazingness, they happen to also be superbly eccentric electro-pop music makers.
5. Headphones – I’m from Barcelona: These kids are not from Barcelona, they hail from Sweden, and the group of 30 strong has some serious musical talent amongst their ranks.
6. Winter – The Dodos: Psychedelic-folk-pop gets old pretty fast, but this San Fran duo has some kicks that you can strut to.
7. Cello Song (Nick Drake Cover) – The Books and Jose Gonzales: The Swedish classical guitar master and swooner Gonzales is best know for his cover of Heartbeats by fellow-swedes The Knife. This time he has collaborated with a very talented electronic team, The Books, for a masterfully redone Nick Drake song.
8. Keep your Eyes Ahead – Helio Sequence: A more upbeat tune by my 2008 favie.
9. I’m a Lady – Santogold: She is the Nor American musical doppelganger to MIA. This song is the gem of her latest album.
10. Dance Dance Dance – Lykke Li: This new indie darling isn’t even that great of a singer, but you can’t get these songs out of your head, and can’t help but shake your ass.
11. Evident Utencil (MGMT remix) – Chairlift: The recent album by this Brooklyn-based electro-pop group has some not-so-bright spots, but this song is great, and even better remixed by those crazy boys from Wesleyan.

Author: Tasha

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