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Tasha Petty

Tasha Petty

Yes, yes. A Southerner for sure. Manners, southern drawl (after a few beers) and all, but the intellect of a Yankee and the vices of a Sagittarius (to a tee). She took to writing at the age of 1.7, beginning with a Happy Father’s Day scribble – “I luv u DAD! Yu er the best! (smiley face, flower, cloud)” Her talents expanded into photography at 12, when her favorite dad passed along his 1970’s Minolta. Even though she has a hard time figuring out what she really wants to do with her life, she will always have these creative outlets grounding her to the “real world” that her friends always tell her about. Such a magical place, that real world. Until she lands in 2012 you can continue to find her outlandish musings and fotos here, at your beloved Austin publication named after bright fashion attire. Oh, yes, if you want to hire her she can land sooner than 2012. She can be contacted at

questions from fellow ytc authors:

what is your favorite musical?
Billy Elliot. “Just because I like ballet doesn’t mean I’m a poof, you know.” – Billy

how do you want to die?
Falling off Angel Falls in Venezuela
favorite pizza topping at favorite pizza place?
Pepperoni and Jalapeno, Home Slice!
pirate or ninja?
A Hybrid – pirate attire with ninja moves
if you had a pseudonym what would it be?
The Procrastinator
what favorite childhood film helped form your worldview?
The Goonies. “Goonies never say die!” -Mikey

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